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Peter Vogt


Dr. Peter Vogt is a research scientist in the field of remote sensing applications. He studied meteorology at the Free University of Berlin, Germany where he completed his MSc in 1992 and his PhD in 1997 on the assessment of biophysical parameters of vegetation from remote sensing data. His main expertise is in the field of radiative transfer and program development in IDL on Linux for the exploitation of remote sensing data. He has worked in a variety of fields including the detection of burnt areas, forest fragmentation analysis, oil spill detection in the Mediterranean Sea, eutrophication risk assessment in coastal waters, desert locust monitoring, derivation of the vertically resolved actinic flux, surface UV-radiation, and sensor design support for the PRISM/LSPIM and VIIRS/NPOESS sensors.

GUIDOS toolbox

GuidosToolbox (Graphical User Interface for the Description of image Objects and their Shapes) contains a wide variety of generic raster image processing routines, including related free software such as GDAL (to process geospatial data and to export them as raster image overlays in Google Earth), FWTools and QuantumGIS (pre/post-process and visualize any raster or vector data). All tools are based on geometric principles and can thus be applied to any kind of raster data. GuidosToolbox also includes MSPA (Morphological Spatial Pattern Analysis), a customized sequence of mathematical morphological operators targeted at the description of the geometry and connectivity of the image components. MSPA features and application examples are described on the MSPA -website.

Selected Publications

Saura, S., Vogt, P., Velazquez, J., Hernando, A., Tejera, R. (2011) Key structural forest connectors can be identified by combining landscape spatial pattern and network analyses. Forest Ecology and Management 262, pp. 150-160.

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